What NIG does

NIG is building a collaborative network of investors that supports long term conservation of important nature and wildlife areas in East and Southern Africa, both land and marine based.
Potential investors working with us will have access to a pipeline of investable nature-based projects and assets. This network supports investment in crucial bio-diversity areas by:

  • Investing in diverse, sustainable land-based economic models.
  • Partnering with communities and landowners for appropriate developments.
  • Creating projects for private investors and development finance in these areas.

The partnership with The CCG Trust means philanthropic funding can be attracted into the landscapes where NIG invests, providing synergistic “blended finance” for conservation and rural livelihoods. Mutually supportive conservation initiatives funded by the Trust and direct investments into conservation land, sustainable resource use and ecotourism by NIG will contribute to economic resilience of the local community as well as biodiversity.